African Association of Women in Tourism & Hospitality (AAWTH).

Our Vision

Our Vision foster equal opportunities for all women of African descent operating in the hospitality & tourism.

Our Mission

To empower, promote and develop women to occupy key roles in the hospitality & tourism industry in Africa.

Our Goals

Lobbying for policies that protect industry jobs/labor force and infrastructure accross Africa.


AAWTH is made up of  African-descent female hospitality and tourism professionals working in all aspects of the tourism and hospitality industries. We are a driving force in the tourism and hospitality industries, advocating for female leaders.

We are a community of female changemakers and achievers who want to assist and support the African hospitality and tourism industries grow.

Building a community that is safe to discuss challenges, opportunity, growth, and equity.

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Our Members

Our association members include but are not limited to:

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In Africa, more women are answering the call to public service at all levels of government. The ability to balance assertiveness and empathy creates an effective leader and women have been identified as carriers of the inner strength required to handle these very essential leadership..

New Alliance Between Heritage Tourism Body and African Women in Travel

An MOU between The World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage and The African Association of Women in Tourism and Hospitality will focus on training, upskilling and empowerment of African women in the tourism sector.
African Food Network

African Food Network Receives Endorsement from the African Association of Women in Tourism and Hospitality (AAWTH)

The African Association of Women in Tourism and Hospitality (AAWTH) has recently endorsed the African Food Network.

Where women have equality at the top, we see stronger, more resilient economies. Empower her!